A Beautiful Day

Homeschooling: The greatest experience of my life. I get to watch my children learn each and every day. At home they go the speed they are able, advance when need be, relearn if need be, be encouraged, led, and loved. At home they know they can, and at home they know we won’t move on until they fully understand, how ever long or short it takes. They are my self workers and self learners, never afraid to ask how or why! I never believed I was capable of teaching my children until I realized I have been their teacher since they day they were born!

Love to Learn

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    I was homeschooled most of my life as well. I DISLIKED public school in highschool with a passion. It was horrible,...
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    I definitely want to homeschool my kids. I was really able to learn a lot by being homeschooled and it was FUN! Imagine...
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    Ahhh, from a homeschooled high schooler who gets sooo much crap for being homeschooled, the posts on this really made me...
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    I’ve gotta say that the home schooled kids I’ve met have always turned out to be some of the most well rounded kids out...
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    Can’t wait to teach my children too!
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